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En kjenning av meg i USA driver med shipping og look-up. Han/de både kan og har drevet med det meste av motoriserte kjøretøy over lang tid. Nedenfor noe som sier litt om selskapet. Spør gjerne meg hvis referanse eller annet trengs.

SNS Export Services LLc. Offers safe and secure shipping of motorcycles, automobiles, farm equipment and any other items around the world.

We carry licenses that allows us to buy upon request automobiles and motorcycles at very low rates. We also carry licenses to buy theft and damage vehicles and motorcycles at extremely low rates.

SNS also offers many services such as shipping within the USA. Bonded titles, body work for a damaged vehicle. All customs paperwork. And in some cases depending on country door to door services. We are a small family business established since 1990 who values our customers and are very open to any and all requests. We are your one stop shop for buying your items in the USA. We make it easy with one price to handle arrange the purchase of your item to shipping item to your front door with all customs paper included. You have to do nothing!

SNS has recently found a niche with locating and buying of electric automobiles a great rates! We can also convert your charge pack for as low as $149 usd.

Actually all type cars or any other vehicles

Call or email anytime to get an idea for pricing!

[email protected]

00 1 563-529-1096

References upon request!

We can ship single bikes in special crates or up to 40 units in a 40 foot shipping container.

Container loads include crates, 20ft and 40ft containers

Arrival time is usually about 30 to 45 days to most countries

Prices for shipping extremely competitive

We can use heat treated or non heat treated wood depending on customer request and country.

We use the top shipping lines including APL, MSC, CMA-CGM, MAERSK, and many others just to name a few

We inspect and photo graph all units upon arrival at the facility and while loading.

We handle all exporting and customs documentation

Each container includes:

Heat Treated Wood (upon request)

Heavy Duty Tie Downs

Wheel Stability Process

Frame Stability Process

Complete Upper Floor

Heavy duty Eye Bolts

Professional an experienced!

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