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  1. Here are the timings Everything from Tune 8 onward is with the new turbo, and noone can be sure when it failed. I'm not at all unhappy with Tune 10b, but i suppose there is a room for improvement with new turbo...and WMI, of course
  2. I don't have the numbers. I'm not going to dyno it. I'll have acceleration numbers from data logs when everything is done (2000 - 4500 rpm timing). Started with over 17 seconds, and should be just under 9 now, without WMI.
  3. So, Ionut and the guys at ADV Turbo, aka turbo-upgrade, have took upon them to repair turbo, no questions asked. So, since it was being redone, I've asked about doing something different with the billet wheel. So, at the end went with Gen 2, 11+0 MFS. It looks interesting, I hope logs will show improvement too
  4. OK, some bad news... Turbo is gone. Reason - to be determined, but whatever it is, caused ball bearing failure, and the results can be seen on the pictures. At one point, data logs showed boost moved up the rev range by 100rpm, and then, another 100. I hoped, against the hope that it was exhaust manifold failure of some sort, but no...Murphy's law is strong with this build. Reason for the failure can be anything from high oil pressure to transport damage. Also, some kind of balancing error can be the culprit too. I'm waiting to hear from Ionut and ADV Turbo, but I'm glad that this has not been caused by EGTs, or something on the engine side. We'll get it fixed, and hopefully, that'd be it for this project
  5. Thank you guys for the support. I'm glad you like it
  6. So, after only one stint on summer tyres, brera is back on the Prodrives. Silver ones, with 8C red look perfect. I'm just temped with putting wheel spacers on, and I'll probably do it. All mechanic issues we had are sorted out by simply tightening few bolts, most importantly, one on the T-clamp on the IC hose. It's now just a matter of finishing a map. We are getting closer to the finish line. Tuneris patiently working on the file, while I'm having fun logging all the data. There are few more parts that need to go back on the car, but none of the vital ones
  7. There was a race against time to make it for the scheduled wheel alingment at 9:00 on Saturday. I had to work through the night and left the garage at 4:00 in the morning, only to come back at 8:00. Idea was to fit everything and start testing/mapping process, but it didn't happen. Because of mistakes made by someone else, I had to drive the car without side mirrors, for example...but, I did drive it Long story short, there are few problems to be solved, but I'm happy with the progress...problems so far: 1. ECU cuts off the fuel from 3200-4000rpm. I need to point out that I still run mu old map, and didn't adjust duration maps for new DC injectors. TribesMan(Gregor) sent me the map, but i didn't get to load it. 2. There is a "squeak" that can be just some vacuum hose, or, at worst exhaust manifold not sealing properly. 3. Car sounds terrible...Intake sound is killing me...something like 12 vacuum cleaners at once...out of sync . Unlike first two, this is something I just can't fix...Image of the filthy, clogged air filter is preventing me from going back to the factory setting So, the plan is to do some testing/logs with the new map, and also change overboost valve, check vacuum hoses and exhaust manifold. After that, It'll be clearer what needs to be done, and I hope it won't be huge task And here are few pictures from the garage and one from the road (Actually, went to pick up some roof windows )
  8. Yes, i's slightly less illegal here That is the reason why...long beam and aftermarket xenon without projectors. Some people here just fit xenon bulbs and that's my target audience
  9. This car is fighting me all the way. There is always little something that takes a ton of time to figure it out. It's been a long time since we took interior apart, and putting it back together is not as straight forward as one may think . Of course, my idea of cleaning everything doesn't help with speeding things up. For example, I though it'll be great to wash air vents in the dishwasher But the results were disappointing So, i had to source out set of used ones and wash them manually But, it's not all bad. Pretty much everything in the engine bay has been sorted out, and one of the last things to do was new Oil Catch Can. I have this crazy idea to hide everything that was not fitted in the factory, so OCC was fitted next to the gearbox. It could be checked and emptied by undoing couple of screws, but still hidden from the view. Also, wheels are now fitted, and I had the first drive...2 meters in reverse, but hey, it's a start! Had to back up few meters so we could fit the doors. Of course, doors were properly insulated before fitting So, interior is almost finished, and after connecting all speakers, i can confirm that sound with new head unit is really great. Almost forgot...for the reverse light i've used 50W led. I know it's overkill, but the idea is to have switch so i can switch it on at any time, for example, when someone behind me uses long beam Picture doesn't show it, but it really lights up the room Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to update this thread on the regular bases, but I'll answer all the questions if someone was to try any of the upgrades saw here. I do hope to send my first set of data logs to TribesMan by the end of week, and by the end of the month to actually start using the car.
  10. TEIN EDFC is Electronic Dumping Force Controller, and it allows you to set rebound on the coilovers from the cabin
  11. Just a quick update, while we are edging closer to the finish line. Replacing air filter with BMC OTA left enough room to mount WMI tank in it's place, which, in return, allowed spare wheel back in. Also, new head unit is mounted. There are few things that need to be done on the software side, but so far, so good. Sound is much better than with the OEM unit. There were few issues with microphone, but at the end, I've just replaced factory fitted mic with the one that came with the unit. For some reason, new HU wouldn't turn on with B&Me module connected, so I had to remove it. Hopefully, I'll manage to proxy it out without any issues. Glove compartment is now filled with all kinds of gadgets...Most importantly, TEIN controller...and that brings us to the main issue. It turns out that servo motors that TEIN uses do not have enough power to turn valves on KW coilovers. It took some time to find replacement motors, but I believe I've done it. Unfortunately, it looks like that EDFC won't be fitted this time around but I do think it'll be done in the next few months. Brakes are now fully functional, and in the some weird emergency, I would be able to drive brera in 15 minutes that would take me to fit the wheels. It'd look like right out of Mad Max movie, but nevertheless, it's alive At the moment, focus is on the insulation and interior fitting. Progress is slow, since it's not easy to remember what goes where, since it's been more than 18 months since car was taken apart.
  12. Thank you...I do hope to finish soon so i can at least try new summer tyres
  13. Update after a long time... Altho it's not visible at the first glance, we are close to wrapping things up. This being Alfa, it was not smooth ride. Few days after restart we saw leaking radiator. Got 2nd hand one, washed it, painted it, installed it, just to see it leak at the exact same place. Luckily, that didn't slow us down too much, since we had a lot to do on the electronic side... Most importantly, TEIN is finally set up. Most of the time went on assuring that initial checkup, when system is turned on is bypassed. Since Tein step-motors turn 720°, and then back to the position that has been set up, we had to delay sending power to the motors before that check-up has finished. This was achieved using arduino and few lines of code This is how it works And this is in automatic, GPS mode: I'm not sure if I'll be using this mode, but it is great feature. It uses G-meter inside control unit, and GPS module we put in the box with arduino. GPS is used to calculate speed, and for eg, if you are just battling through traffic jam, it'll loosen suspension completely, while if you are travelling on the motorway, it'll turn rebound settings the other way. Also, it can automatically adjust suspension during cornering. Got PLX AFR and EGT probes installed too, and even tho image doesn't show, both of those work And finaly, got my hands on DC injectors... We are getting closer... :
  14. It's been 15 grueling months, but tonight we finally started the car. Still few weeks away from the road test, but it's a milestone Everything went without a glitch (so far), hopefully it'll continue the same way in the weeks to come. I think i've deserved a break *For some reason i can't insert videos, just links
  15. It's been a while. Progress is slow, but now, it is visible. We are days, if not hours, away from firing it up. Turbo is now firmly in its place. Also, MAF sensor is finally connected. In case someone else is as stupid as i am to do the same, BMW connector has the same wiring as original MAF. Installed tachometer from the last Brera model. Those gauges looks so much better than original ones. And it inherited mileage from the donor car, so my brera just got it's kilometers cut in half Of course, I'll be fixing that in MES New oil hoses. Used small uniballs to prevent rattle and allow for engine movement when accelerating. Prodrives have been painted silver and i do believe that i have two perfect wheel sets now And this is how close we are to fireing it up...