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  1. Thank you...I do hope to finish soon so i can at least try new summer tyres
  2. Update after a long time... Altho it's not visible at the first glance, we are close to wrapping things up. This being Alfa, it was not smooth ride. Few days after restart we saw leaking radiator. Got 2nd hand one, washed it, painted it, installed it, just to see it leak at the exact same place. Luckily, that didn't slow us down too much, since we had a lot to do on the electronic side... Most importantly, TEIN is finally set up. Most of the time went on assuring that initial checkup, when system is turned on is bypassed. Since Tein step-motors turn 720°, and then back to the position that has been set up, we had to delay sending power to the motors before that check-up has finished. This was achieved using arduino and few lines of code This is how it works And this is in automatic, GPS mode: I'm not sure if I'll be using this mode, but it is great feature. It uses G-meter inside control unit, and GPS module we put in the box with arduino. GPS is used to calculate speed, and for eg, if you are just battling through traffic jam, it'll loosen suspension completely, while if you are travelling on the motorway, it'll turn rebound settings the other way. Also, it can automatically adjust suspension during cornering. Got PLX AFR and EGT probes installed too, and even tho image doesn't show, both of those work And finaly, got my hands on DC injectors... We are getting closer... :
  3. It's been 15 grueling months, but tonight we finally started the car. Still few weeks away from the road test, but it's a milestone Everything went without a glitch (so far), hopefully it'll continue the same way in the weeks to come. I think i've deserved a break *For some reason i can't insert videos, just links
  4. It's been a while. Progress is slow, but now, it is visible. We are days, if not hours, away from firing it up. Turbo is now firmly in its place. Also, MAF sensor is finally connected. In case someone else is as stupid as i am to do the same, BMW connector has the same wiring as original MAF. Installed tachometer from the last Brera model. Those gauges looks so much better than original ones. And it inherited mileage from the donor car, so my brera just got it's kilometers cut in half Of course, I'll be fixing that in MES New oil hoses. Used small uniballs to prevent rattle and allow for engine movement when accelerating. Prodrives have been painted silver and i do believe that i have two perfect wheel sets now And this is how close we are to fireing it up...
  5. Finally managed to install head unit. Of course, it didn't go smoothly. Paid professional managed to fry interface for steering wheel commands, so I had to order new one. Good thing is that I managed to make Chinese unit work with Bose system. Also, installed parking camera, even tho there is no point in having it, with parking sensors active, but since it was there...
  6. A year ago, on this day this phase of brera upgrade started. Here is a reminder how she looked just a day before complete teardown
  7. Small steps, but we are getting there... turbo is finally set, and i hope it won't be coming of anytime soon. Steering wheel and few more interior have been installed, but I'll have to wait until all electrics work is finished to soundproof entire car and put interior back in. And also, another set of wheels...for the winter tires Unfortunately, I coudln't get away from work, and on the eve of my departure, I had to cancel visit to Norway. Hopefully, I'll manage to visit during the summer, and I do plan on driving to Oslo. Also, I'm prety confident that next year I'll be cheering Ole in his final competitive race from the stands in Holmenkollen. This year, even tho I wasn't there, my friends provided me with live feed throughout the competition.
  8. Finally something to report. Air filter has been installed. We had to chop off few bits, but nothing too problematic. Everything has been firm-fitted, and I’m just waiting for new silicone hoses to arrive. Had to order black ones, since red don’t look right anymore. I couldn’t be happier with cold air intake solution. This setup should furthermore improve ΔT(delta temperature). New map has been created with new MAF sensor and new 4 bar MAP sensor linearized. Fingers crossed it’ll work without any major issues. One of the things I’m most proud of is turbo shield. It has been put together using few old ones from different cars, cut, welded and beaten into shape. All that’s left is to paint it black. New position of the air filter allows for WMI tank to be moved from the trunk and under the bonnet. That means it’ll be much easier to top up. The most complex job(s) come(s) next…electrics…connecting new MAF, installing head unit, finishing installation of EDFC motors and controllers, connecting EGT and AFR probes… Should be interesting few weeks
  9. For some reason i thought there was meeting in March, so I could have 2in1...come watch biathlon and visit you guys. Looks like I'll be flying to Oslo in March, and try to organize summer visit somehow, without my girlfriend leaving me
  10. Long time without an be honest, nothing to update about. Brera is wrapped, but should be back on the lift in a week or so... I do have a question tho...when do you guys have your annual meeting?
  11. You'd want "kajmak" with Ćevapi, but Ajvar is not bad choice either
  12. Poor little thing...and congrats to you for recognizing it's a far as I'm concerned, it looks like something people these days call performance "art"
  13. Altho id did not intend on modifying cold air intake, image of dirty, clogged air filter kept coming back. Picture was taken after 3-4000 kms. Problem is with it sitting low and close to the ground, acting like vacuum cleaner. Since there is absolutely no room anywhere else, that was only solution...until yesterday. I got BMC OTA 70/85L230-B air filter, since all measurements i took showed that it'll fit easily, and will provide all cold air needed. Even tho we managed to fit it last night, it was not as easy as i thought it'll be, but after all this time, i can say it went almost smoothly :biglaugh: And since I'll be already messing with the intake, found bigger MAF sensor to go with it(Bosch #0 281 002 713 ). OEM one looks really tiny next to it Also, got some truck hoses (Iveco) so it looks like it was meant to be that way I'll be getting cold air underneath headlight, away from the dirt and standing water :biglaugh:
  14. It seems like these brakes will never stop producing surprises. I have ordered Performance Friction pads as a replacement for Ferodo DS2500, as they should, in theory, have better grip when cold. Ferodos are still in good shape, having been on the car for very short period of time. I have measured them and 1.5mm has been shaved off. Anyhow, with new discs, i wanted new pads, and decided to go with PFC. So, mounted everything... adapters, discs, calipers and pads and when i tried to put on anti-rattle clips, it didn't look right. Didn't take long to see what the problem is. PFCs(left) are missing that piece that supports the clip, unlike DS2500(right) At that point i was about to give up on PFCs, since brakes are one thing i don't experiment with. However, found simple and safe solution... First I got clips from unknown brake/vehicle type, and narrowed them down from 72mm to 67mm After that, bent them a bit so we don't have sharp edges touching pads enywhere Attached to the original thin So now, instead of that litle piece pushing against anti-rattle clip, we have clip pressing the pads down, preventing rattling And voila... Together with the brakes, few more things were done... reupholstered part of the door panel that was light grey before to mathc new, all black theme of the interior Painted exhaust part of the turbo, and "tailored" turbo shield to fit as tightly as possible Sorry for the long potato, but here is one really long car i saw in NY... tunin&styling US style
  15. Altho I planed on driving the car during the winter too, now I'm looking to get another car for day to day driving. I suppose you are growing your plants indoor? If so, you should expect ripen fruits much sooner