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  1. Pris: kr 99 999,-
  3. Ny pris (pris kan diskuteres ved rask avgjørelse).
  4. Hey buddy, been a while indeed. I guess you have finished your 16VT project already?
  5. Was away for a while, so didn't update a thing. A lot has changed and the car is now up for sale: I was offered to work from abroad for 2 years and since I got 2 other 20VTs I decided to sell this one. Currently on 121,100km. It is completely standard 20VT Plus with lots of new parts: - rebuilt engine (block + haead) - full cambelt + aux belt kit with water pump - refurbished turbocharger - refurbished gearbox - front brake discs, pads, suspension mounts + bearings, drop links, track rod ends - refurbished rocker cover - removed rust on fenders, new paint (apart from roof, doors + seals) and full under car anti-rust protection - fresh engine oil Xado 10W60 + filter, coolant Xado red, gearbox oil Moul 75W90, brake fluid Motul RBF660 - refurbished alloy wheels in Mercedes-Benz silver - extra oil temperature gauge as 20VT Plus' don't have them as standard Always warmed up and cooled down before going over 3k rpm. If interested please PM in English or call my brother-in-law Lukas as he speaks Norwegian on 462-59-190, if you prefer. The car is located in Vetter (near Asker). Neste EU 31.05.207
  6. Any takers before I fit them to my other 20VT Plus at the end of the month?
  7. I have a pair of front brake discs for a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo. They are custom made, heat treated, galvanised and slotted - perfect for track days or improved road braking. They are made by a company that supplies steel for aircraft industry. Their customers are 80% Mistu Evo and Subaru Impreza users who regularly use their discs during track days and they have never failed. The discs are brand new, newer used. Highly recommended! Price: 2000kr. I can send them for the postage cost, no problems. The picture is showing discs for Evo. The ones I am selling are the correct size and fitment for a 20VT Coupe (4x98, 305mm).
  8. Rebuilt completed! All by meself... It was hell of a journey but it was worth it, and I'm already thinking about starting another project. Maybe another 20VT? In the meantime I am running in the engine. Here're some photos:
  9. Hehe, I remember you from the FCCUK forum. Well, at least your user name. Mine is quite... modified Do we have Coupe meetings in Norway like those in the UK?
  10. Thanks. This is definitely a driver's car. Once I am done with rebuilding the engine I will post some more pix. I had a 16VT in the past, fine motor. In fact I had all of the available engine options but 1.8. Let me know if you will struggle with parts as I may be able to help a fellow coupe-owner.
  11. Hello everyone! I thought that I should show you my pride and joy which I bought on June 2015. Since then I have been working on upgrading it. It's a long process because I do it in my spare time. Anyway, it is a low mileage 20VT Plus in moon grey colour and it has a Garrett GT28RS with all supporting mods it needs. Need I say, it shifts quickly? Here is she!
  12. For sale a brand new set of Ferodo DS2500 brake pads. More details here: Jack
  13. I purchased a 20VT a few months ago so this thread can be deleted. Takk!